Soul's Journey

You were created from the same substance/energy of the ONE, SOURCE, that I like to call Godde. You may use whatever idea, concept, or word that fits for you. The Source of All Being is the ONE MOST HIGH, GOD/GODDESS/ALL THAT IS. Because that is so much to say and write I have chosen to use the word/form of Godde, which to me encompasses ALL, or at least the masculine and the feminine energies of Godde. When spoken or thought, the word God, however it is spelled, carries the highest vibration and influences your life. Whatever your nationality, skin color, shape of your eyes, or belief system, WE ALL ARE, GODDE IS, and we are ONE. In our essence we are the same. It is only our outer form and our beliefs and thoughts that separate us from one another. Godde created us the same magnificent beings that radiate Godde Love. If you don't believe this look at a baby and tell me what you see and feel. A baby still radiates that essence because they haven't taken on the layers of belief, feeling, and thought patterns that distance us from our true essence.

When I was about 7 years old I remember asking my family why there were so many churches when there is only ONE GODDE and only ONE FAMILY? They told me about the many different beliefs. I knew then what I know now; those only separate us and there truly is no separation except in our minds. You can choose to believe whatever you believe now. I will share what I know and believe and it is up to you what you do with that. I would ask you, however, to consider how different our world might be, if everyone believed that we are all ONE: ONE with GODDE and each other and that each of us is brother and sister to each other no matter where we live or what we believe.

Your magnificence is yours and cannot be diminished by your thoughts or beliefs, but it can be unknown to you and can be hidden from others. It was created by the ONE, and you personally, do not have the power to change that, only to disbelieve it. You are both the Magnificent Soul and the human being. Your soul is consciousness or awareness, and is eternally a part of the ONE/GODDE. The mission we all accepted in the beginning was to BE ONE WITH GODDE. Our humanness and our ego must recognize and accept our Soul and come into alignment with it. When we think or say "Thy will be done" we are allowing our human will to be aligned with the Will of Godde, which is not outside of us, but within and without. Godde is All, and we are ONE with Godde.

When we were created we entered the wheel of time and took on many different human identities and had many experiences. We did this to learn and grow as a Soul and to remember WHO WE ARE, and return to OUR CREATOR. Some people refer to those other identities and experiences on the wheel of time as past lives. It is easier to talk about them that way because it is difficult to understand that ALL is NOW. Our human minds cannot grasp this very well, even though it is true. There is no time or space and ALL is NOW. Your soul has lived many life experiences on earth and is continuing to seek and search for its true identity. In the course of these many experiences there have been many deaths and rebirths and many traumas.

Past Life Therapy

Dealing with those traumas is what is called Past Life Therapy. You allow your consciousness to expand and remember another life for the purpose of learning and healing. The personality from that life is healed and the soul learns, grows, and is also healed. Many people who have long standing patterns such as fear of abandonment, scarcity (not enough), anger and aggressiveness, victim thinking and feeling, can do deep therapeutic work and heal, yet still find the underlying core pattern still persists. That is when we do past life therapy. We then learn the soul's scripting over the wheel of time and note the lives that contain the pattern we are tracking. Then we go to each life with that pattern and do the healing work. At each death the soul returns to the other dimension and can see the plan they created for their life and how they fulfilled it. It is in the other dimension that the soul decides what lessons to give to itself in the next lives and how that will look.

I also do past life therapy with people who have some issue/trauma/pain coming up forcefully in their life and dealing with the source of the issue/trauma/pain is through their past life. Past life therapy is not the same as a past life regression in that therapy does focus on healing while a regression focuses only on information or knowing.

Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is the return of split off parts of someone's soul or consciousness. There are many teachings about this and many ways to do it. Most soul retrieval is done shamanically and the retriever is the shaman and not the client. Because the work I do is to help people know who they are totally and to be empowered at all times, I do not do soul retrieval work for the client. I have the client do it and it is part of the therapy, simple and easy, and I rarely even say outloud "that was a soul retrieval". I simply support clients drawing back the parts of themselves they split off, sent away, buried or hid away. Drawing back all of themselves, accepting those parts, and loving those parts unconditionally is soul retrieval. Sometimes as someone heals the parts come back on their own. In this way of doing soul retrieval the integration is more complete and natural. I am a shaman, yet choose this way of working.

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