Sarah I have been a professional in practice since 1977 and from 1960-1977 I was a nurse in a hospital. I began as a diploma nurse, having graduated from Albert Einstein Medical Center School of Nursing in Philadelphia, Pa. I have done pediatric, medical, orthopedic, intensive care, coronary care and surgical nursing from 1960 to 1971. I was an ARMY NURSE from 1966-1971. I served in Vietnam as an Operating Room Nurse in 1967, at the 12th Evacuation Hospital, Cu Chi, Vietnam. That experience in Vietnam, along with my childhood, together with my education and training, taught me much about trauma and how to heal it. I have taught and supervised nursing and moved beyond that to being educated and trained as a psychotherapist. The best preparation for being the excellent psychotherapist and coach that I am, was being a client, and doing my own healing work. I spent years in my own therapy and dealt with issues from Vietnam and then uncovered the early childhood issues and healed those. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Seattle University with a B.S.N and graduated Cum Laude from the University of Washington with an M.N.

I have been married, raised two awesome children who are today, healthy, happy, well loved and respected professionals themselves. My daughter, Lorna, is very beautiful, bright, intuitive, loving, and is a well respected and loved, excellent social worker. My son, Sean-David, is a professional musician who plays trumpet, keyboard, percussion, and writes and arranges music. He is currently serving in the U.S. Army Band and is married with two beautiful daughters (my grand daughters). Pictures of My Family.

I have been on a conscious spiritual path all of my life and more specifically for almost 18 years. My spiritual gifts are many, and I have felt very honored and privileged to be in service to others on their spiritual and healing journeys. My main gift is the gift of knowing. I am directly connected and therefore know things such as, knowing as a nurse when someone's heart was going to stop, or knowing as a therapist, things the clients may not even know themselves. (That doesn't mean I tell them, it only means I know) I knew at age 19 that a schizophrenic patient should not go home for the weekend and when I told the doctor, head nurse, and instructor they all were very patronizing to me and sent the patient home. Once home the patient barricaded herself in her room, did not eat or sleep, and the sheriff had to come and get her out.

On a personal note: I love music and dancing, rock and roll, I like to sail and to lay in the sun, and I like to read. I like to drum, and I have an African Djembe, which I love to play. I am also a Japanese Taiko drummer and play and perform in Seattle, Washington. I am also learning the Japanese Martial Art called Aikido, which is the Way of Harmony. Aikido has a wonderful flow that is almost like a dance. It is based on the principle of non-resistance. When we are pushed, we turn and when we are pulled, we move in beside. Basically we learn to be in the right place at the right time so we are not hurt and no one else is hurt either. Aikido is truly a way of being in life that supports us understanding ourselves, our behavior, and seeing things from many perspectives. Pictures of My Hobbies.

My experiences in Vietnam changed my life. If you want a glimpse of those experiences go to the following link for a picture and poems: or see pictures of Vietnam from my collection. You can also listen to me recite my poems. Since I wrote this I found my friend Claire and we had a great reunion together. She went with me to Washington, DC in November 2003 for the 10 year anniversary of the dedication of the Vietnam Women's Memorial and in November 2004 to our 12th Evacuation Hospital Reunion.

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