Immediate Relief

You may not be feeling very lovable or very loved at this moment and the TRUTH is that you are lovable and you are very loved. Your lovable-ness is probably underneath all that you are feeling and all of your experiences and behavior. It may be under your shame and guilt, your addictive patterns, your self- judgments and criticisms. It may under the abuse you have experienced and the unhealthy choices you have made in your life. It is still there. You are very lovable, in spite of what you feel or think or have done. You are very loved by the ONE MOST HIGH GOD, WHO BIRTHED YOU and continues to love you, no matter what. No matter what you have said, done, experienced, believe or were told, you are loved. God never withdraws love from you even when you behave in unhealthy or hurtful ways toward yourself or others. You can turn to God this very moment and feel that love. Close your eyes and take two very deep breaths and with each exhale let out a big sigh. Then ask Godde to come to you so that you can feel Godde's touch (spelling of Godde). With your eyes closed imagine a beautiful soft pink ray of light that comes down from above and enfolds you. With that ray of light Godde will be sending you love and it is up to you to sense and feel Godde's touch on your body. It will occur for you whether in this moment you can sense/feel it or not. Please trust that. Nothing is more important to Godde than you, no matter what. Godde wants you to be whole, alive, healthy, happy, and peaceful and to have all that you want and need. Having all of that is the healing journey that all must take.

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Playing: "She Carries Me" by Jennifer Berezan singer, songwriter, guitarist; Darol Anger on violin. Courtesy of Windham Hill Records. For more information and CD purchases visit

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