Quantum-Touch Healing is a method of energy healing that works at the quantum/cellular level in your body and can reduce or eliminate pain, inflammation, misalignment, imbalance and can enhance the immune system. The practitioner raises their own vibration through certain breathing techniques and utilizes the Universal Life Force energy and focus, touch and intention, to create an energy field. The energy field is between their hands and the energy is directed into the affected area on the receiver's body. It is then that the receiver's body-mind or innate intelligence will utilize the energy in the best way for them. The practitioner, in creating the energy field, allows the receiver to raise their own vibrations and match that of the receiver. That process is called resonance and entrainment. Quantum-Touch essentially utilizes the energies of the ONE or LOVE, which are everywhere, and offers that to the receiver. It is up to the receiver what they do with it. For more information on Quantum-Touch go to www.quantumtouch.com. Read the many stories and see the pictures there of the healing from quantum-touch. This type of hands on healing is well known to those who are Christians and have read the New Testament. The many stories of Jesus doing healings and then passing that on to his disciples are examples of that. Jesus knew his Oneness and spoke it many times when he said "I and my Father are One." He was able to access the most powerful healing energies through his awareness of ALL THAT IS and to utilize that. He always gave thanks in his prayer before healing. The gratitude was for his knowing that the healing was already complete. Perfection was the creation and perfection is what he saw and knew. His belief and the receiver's belief in Him led to the ultimate healing which came from his Oneness with our Creator/Creatrix.