• Coaching is having someone in your corner who knows you, cares about you, knows your vision, and is committed to helping you, bring it into manifestation.
  • Coaching is having a partner working with you, cheering you on, giving you pointers, modeling "how to" for you, inspiring and encouraging you to reach for your highest and best outcome, sharing wisdom and structure with you and drawing out your strengths, skills, abilities, wisdom, intuition, knowledge and passion.
  • Coaching is a relationship that is different from teacher/student, parent/ child, therapist/client, boss/worker, mentor/mentee. It is a wonderful heartfelt working relationship that you contract for and help design.
  • Your coach will listen to you, what you think, feel, want, desire, do, and say.
  • Your coach will stand with you in your time of need and will both challenge and comfort you on your path to accomplishment.
  • Your coach will ask you questions so that you can know what you know and discover how much is already within you.
  • Your coach will ask you questions so they can guide you in the direction you said you want to go.
  • Your coach will ask you questions to help you think in ways you may not have thought yet.
  • Your coach will offer you information, wisdom, guidance, structure, support, inspiration, encouragement, resources, love, acceptance, affirmation, passion, belief in you, and a positive attitude.

Coaching can be fun and can help you get to that place you see and know you want to be. Think what it would have been like for you, if in the past 10-20 years you had a coach in your corner. You would not have felt alone when making difficult choices and decisions. You would have had what you needed to grow, make changes, advance, and be the best parent/employer/employee/professional, you could be. Are you aware that most, if not all the Olympic athletes have coaches? Have you glimpsed any of the nature of those relationships? Have you ever had a personal trainer for weight training? If you have had a trainer then you know how valuable it is to have someone right there with you, encouraging you on, while you push yourself to the limit of your strength and endurance. The coaching relationship is wonderful, loving, positive, supportive, close, and endearing. I have a coach and it is one of the best choices I have made in my life.

I coach people who are: open, honest, bright, positive, passionate, responsive, growth focused, and accountable.
I coach people in: goal attainment, success, clear, effective communication, optimum health and vitality, positive healthy relationships, living a purposeful peace filled life, and a conscious spiritual path.

I would like to be your coach. You can try out a coaching relationship with me by arranging for a complimentary coaching session. Click on the link and you can leave me a message requesting a complimentary session.

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