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Welcome to this haven for healing, inspiration, encouragement, information, structure, coaching, and connecting to your most magnificent and authentic self. I know that you may not feel very magnificent right now. Let that be OK while you learn more.

You have come here for a reason known only to you. You are looking for something that will touch you deeply and help you in the areas you desire to change, move ahead and heal. You may have goals and dreams that you have not yet manifested, and are starting to wonder if you ever will. You may be stuck in your life, career, job, or relationship and need someone, in your corner, to cheer you onward and upward. You might be experiencing a scarcity of love, acceptance, safety, money, comfort, space, nourishment/nurturing for all parts of you. You might have difficulty taking good care of you, yet are great at taking care of others. You may have some self-defeating behavior patterns, or even a chronic illness or physical pain. Maybe you have had emotional pain about yourself and your life for a long time, and you are now ready to do something about that. Maybe you are on a spiritual path and are looking for someone who has walked that kind of path, who can be a guide. Maybe you feel utterly lost in the world, adrift and frightened, even questioning the value of your life at all (if you don't believe you have value, see immediate relief). If any of this is true of you, perhaps you will find something here to help. I am at your service.

If you are a Military Veteran, female or male, who has served outside the United States on behalf of all of us, I salute you, thank you, and acknowledge your service to us.

In this healing haven (and working with me):

  • You can explore how to get out of the quagmire, or a deep hole, stuck place, or "hamster wheel", that goes round and round and gets you nowhere.
  • You can find out that you are not alone, that you are important, and that YOU AND YOUR FEELINGS AND NEEDS matter.
  • You can hear/see how much you matter and how valuable you are simply by being you.
  • You can be affirmed in your strengths and skills, and be supported in stretching further, and developing even more of your gifts.
  • You can learn about yourself, life, relationships, success, accountability, discounting, goals and dreams, spirituality, your soul, drumming, freedom, aikido, safety, love, acceptance, child development, energies, healing, inner peace, coaching, psychotherapy, past life therapy, quantum-touch healing, and more.
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Playing: "Nocturn in C Sharp Minor, Opera 19 No. 4" from The Best of Tchaikovsky. Maria Kliegel on cello, National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland.